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Nancy Gex Jones, MA Spiritual Psychology

Inner Resource Wellness, LLC

10 X Ranch, Gunnison, CO

Non judgement and unconditional acceptance are the cornerstones of my practice. My strength is looking at each client's issues as opportunities for learning. Body centered education, teaching how emotional feelings become feelings in the body, is emphasized. Learning from my client's current awareness is the goal in any session. My work is non-religious but spiritual. My intention is to have each client lose the need for ongoing therapy. I have been successful in helping hundreds of individuals. I see adults, teens, couples and groups. I have offered equine assisted therapy as an adjunct to my practice since 1999.

I work from home, which is a beautiful ranch on the Gunnison River. I enjoy working in a retreat atmosphere and can design individual retreats for my clients. Working in the equine-assisted and spiritual psychology fields for over 20 years, with no pressure to diagnose, I find my clients thrive.

My personal Spiritual practice is non-judgement, so I work with people, offering unconditional acceptance without diagnosing them. This affords each client an opportunity for immediate change. Personal responsibility and choice is emphasized. Each session opens to what is present "in this moment". Mindfulness and Miracles are keystones in my sessions.

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